Our professional oven cleaning service involves:  depending upon services ordered:

Intial Inspection. Testing functions.
Covering floors and kitchen units with dust sheets.
Removal of all extraneous oven removable parts racks to be placed in hot tank.
Remove all internal oven removeable parts and place in hot tank.
Removal of all oven dials knobs to be cleaned and degreased. (due to decol fragility not always guarantee no fading.)
Clean oven door and between all door glasses if possible as in some instances its inadvisable to open door seals.
Clean all parts of outer oven door and degrease.
Clean inside oven and remove burn deposits. (since we try and refrain from using caustics its not always possible to remove every trace of carbon.
Clean the fan and its housing. Note we will refrain from cleaning electric oven elements and impossible to clean areas beneath them due to element fragility.
Clean Extractor housing and switches and if requested change filters.
Clean the hob and all adjacent surfaces.
Remove traces of grease and burn on deposits from all hob surfaces inc the gas flow pits.
Clean and degrease all reachable oven surfaces and make sure burn on carbon is  removed as much a possible.
Clean oven knob and dial areas to make sure they are ready to have knobs refitted.
Clean grill and and compartments.
Spray all surfaces will polish and leave to absorb.
Clean and dry all surfaces
Metal polish all stainless steel.
Dry and polish all metal or enamel surfaces.
Make sure all surfaces gleam.
After examining and drying all removed parts polish and refit them carefully.
Reassemble all shelves and replace trays making sure the chrome is gleaming.
Reassemble the hob and test gas flow.
Reassemble and refit the oven door.
Give everything a final polish.
Remove all tools and materials.
Remove all dust sheets.
Test and inspect oven functions.
Invite customer for final inspection.

Other cleaning services!


Our kitchen cleaning service:

  Our great quality £299 kitchen deep cleans!
*We clean all your kitchen cabinets both inside and out.
*We clean your kitchen floor walls and splashbacks.
*We clean all worktops and preparation surfaces.
*We clean your sink taps and fridge.
*We clean your kitchens interior windows.
*We leave your kitchen looking glossy again.

Does not include carpets, tile grout, appliances or oven.  If you want ovens and appliances included just see our oven cleaning prices page!

This service includes up to 5 hours intensive labour and includes all materials for a fixed price. All that we require is all your cabinets are empty before we begin. If you wish us to empty and refill them the price is £399
Nothing more to pay.
Best quality in the area £299  kitchen deep cleans.
Domestic services only.

Carpets and upholstery  cleaning

Deluxe Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services:

We also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning. We use the most effective cleaning methods.Our cleaning equipment combined with the unique cleaning process will ensure your carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Powerful solutions are injected deeply into the carpet at high pressure and are instantly extracted.

Studio flat- £60

One bedroom flat/house (1 bedroom+ living room+ steps) £70

Two bedroom flat/house (2 double rooms+living room + steps) – £80

Three bedroom flat/house – £120

Four bedroom flat/house – £150

Five bedroom flat/house – £180

Includes carpets only!

If you wish to include upholstery simply double each price quoted above.


Deluxe Gutter Cleaning Services:

Terrace house small £75

Terrace house large £90

Semi detached house £100

Detached 3 bedroom house £110

Detached 4 bedroom house £130

Detached 5 bedroom house  £140

Bungalows  £95

Regular gutter cleaning is essential to prevent blockages backflows overflows and water buildups that could lead to damage to your home.


Save Money with our all inclusive Package Deals!

We prefer to clean your oven without chemicals.

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Oven cleaning in Middlesbrough…Oven cleaning in Stockon.
Oven cleaning in Hartlepool……….Oven cleaning in Redcar.
Oven cleaning in Darlington……… Oven cleaning in Great Ayton.
Oven cleaning in Stokesley……….. Oven cleaning in Coulby Newham.
Oven cleaning in Saltburn…………..Oven cleaning in Sedgefield.
Oven cleaning in Newton Aycliffe..Oven cleaning in Ingleby Barwick.
Oven cleaning in Seaton Carew……Oven cleaning in Wynyard village.
Oven cleaning in Ferryhill…………..Oven cleaning in Thirsk.
Oven cleaning in Northallerton…….Oven cleaning In Teesside.

All work subject to a minimum charge see Faq page

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