Why choose my professional service?
You simply can’t duplicate the same results with shop bought products.  With our experience and latest professional hot dip tanks and latest equipment and materials we obtain the fantastic results that are just impossible to replicate any other way.  And we allow far more time for each clean than many other services in the area.

Do you work evenings or weekends?
Yes for an additional fee. Its only fair and its not much more. See prices page. 

Do you use any nasty chemicals?
We try not to as we prefer natural products. But to be honest sometimes we have to resort to some chemicals to shift ingrained baked on carbon deposits. But its usually a last resort. After every other natural method has failed. 

Do you really guarantee a great job?
Yes customer satisfaction is all important to us and our standards are high. Some customers may have booked our service as a gift or a treat and they are expecting great results and we hate to disappoint anyone.

Any hidden charges? 
No all prices and additional charges are listed for all to see. For all work we have  minimum job value requirements see our prices page. And some jobs may incur travel charges if over 10 miles distant. If there is no parking on site there is also an additional charge. Please read our terms and conditions.

Are you prices the cheapest service?

If you take into account our package deal prices we are hard to beat. And our prices are very competitive. And the our prices reflect the extra time and extra workload involved in cleaning ovens without resorting to dangerous chemicals as a matter of routine. If you want cheapest then choose a service that uses dangerous acids pastes and dangerous caustics as there primary cleaning method and have staff that do 5 oven cleans each day. Whereas we do one or two. And never overbook jobs. But of course not everyone has the discernment to realise this difference.

Can you come at a convenient time ?
We will try our very best to come at a convenient time and day. Availability permitting. 


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